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'The online ethics course was very high quality and interesting. I appreciate the offerings Rigos provides CPAs.' Jeffrey Reddy, January 6, 2016

The following CPA Regulatory Ethics courses are created and designed to meet the 4-hour state-specific ethics CPE requirement of the listed states.
Alaska CPA Ethics (Course 5312)
California Professional Conduct and Ethics (Course 5307)
Florida CPA Regulatory Ethics
Illinois State CPA Regulatory Ethics
Professional Conduct & Ethics - AICPA and Oregon Board CPA Regulatory Update 2018 (Course 5304)
Pennsylvania CPA Regulatory Ethics
Professional Conduct and Ethics - AICPA and Washington Board CPA Regulatory Update 2018 (Course 5360)

Other of the Rigos' Professional Ethics Courses Approved by NASBA for CPE Credit. These courses do not meet the ethics requirement of any particular State Board that requires a state-specific regulatory course but do qualify for CPE credit.
High Sensitivity Issues - Independence, Conflicts of Interest, Confidentiality, and Fiduciary Duty
New York CPA Regulatory Ethics

Legal Ethics
Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) book
MPRE Class Video
Bridges Attorney-CPA Ethics book

All our classes award CPE credit based on a 50 minute hour. For non-interactive self-study programs, CPE is based on a 100-minute hour. For interactive self-study programs, CPE credit is based on a 50-minute hour. Correspondence or self-study participants must complete and pass a final exam of multiple-choice questions with a minimum score of 70%.

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